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We're a new kind of social media listening and media monitoring called narrative monitoring. We use AI to identify the narratives and influencers behind new brand risks, and opportunities. Save time while generating richer and more actionable insights, faster. Own the narrative.
Use social media listening AI to identify the narratives and influencers behind new brand risks, and opportunities. Save time while generating richer and more ationable insights, faster.

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Wasting time on analysis

Analysts spend most of their time scrolling through social media using a combination of brute force and luck to identify insights.

Hours, or days, are wasted on a process that produces results that are, at best, accurate but out of date as soon as they're shared or, at worst, inaccurate, biased and missing key risks or opportunities that could cost a brand their reputation.

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We spend two weeks producing insights reports for large brands that are out of date as soon as they're done.

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My analysts spend two days a week just scrolling through social media, just hoping to find something interesting.

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What we do​

We help brands, agencies and other organisations to understand the risks, and opportunities of the online world

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Automatically identify the narratives driving online conversations

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Identify the influencers driving the conversations and understand their stance

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Measure ROI

Track narratives over time and measure your impact and ROI

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Early Warning

Spot risky and harmful narratives earlier than a human can and before they go mainstream

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Narrative Monitoring

Factmata analyses thousands of tweets, posts, articles and blogs in seconds and groups all similar opinions into ‘narratives’. This saves you time scrolling through endless mentions and gets you actionable insights faster. Narrative Monitoring is the new way to decode the internet and get ahead of risks and opportunities. Spend more time strategizing and less time scrolling.

Measure and prove ROI

Analysts spend hours, and sometimes days, trying to identify and quantify ROI. With Factmata Narrative Monitoring, this is automated. You can get graphs on Share of Topic, popularity and virality of narratives and brand mentions.

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Brand Threat Monitoring

Get a quick overview of the key narratives threatening your brand and the influencers that are shaping the conversation about your products and industry. Track your progress over time in improving brand reputation as well as in reducing harmful narratives containing racism, sexism and fake news.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

What Our Customers Are Saying?

What Our Customers Are Saying?

This is a excellent company! personally enjoyed the energy & the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.

Herman Miller

Product Designer at Dribbble

I wanted to hire the best and after looking at several other companies, knew Jacob was the perfect guy for the job. he is a true professional.

Jeremy Smith

UX Engineer at Behance

Their team are easy to work with and helped me make amazing websites in a short amount of time. thanks again guys for all your hard work.

Shoko Mugikura

UI Designer at Flickr

So many listening tools still leave you asking 'so what?' Factmata doesn't leave you hanging, it gets straight to the heart of who and what is driving the conversation.

Alex Judd

Head of Impact and Planning at Clarity PR

We used Factmata to help us gain valuable social insights ahead of a large pitch. The knowledge and insight gained was incredibly useful in driving both our strategic and creative approach to the brief, which we won.

Rebecca Holmes

Digital Director at Cirkle

Our Mission

We want to empower people, businesses, and organisations

Our vision is a cleaner, safer, more representative and more diverse internet. But we can only achieve that if more organisations are able to find and fight the kinds of harmful content that are increasingly being produced to make money or de-stabilise our society.

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