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Major brands and PR agencies use Factmata to track crises and reputational threats that could cause future brand harm. In 2020, we tracked narratives around Starbucks close to the US elections.

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We provide ROI to brands and agencies by helping them track harmful narratives, and suggest counter-narratives that reach millions of impressions and measurably reduce the threat level of damaging narratives

On 10th August 2020, we identified a growing harmful narrative related to Starbucks funding police foundations at the same time as the Black Lives Matter movement

We also saw narratives linking Starbucks to liberal bias grow in number and popularity.

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For example, multiple bot accounts were spreading stories about a Seattle protester saying it was "OK to destroy Starbucks as part of the riots due to their liberal bias", and multiple narratives around how "people who fight against modern fascism also drink at Starbucks".

We found a major fake news story about “Blue Lives Matter”. This is where people were claiming there was a secret Blue drink Starbucks employees knew how to make that would poison police officers.

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Use our Narrative Monitoring solution to analyse disinformation in any issue you care about