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Planning a PR campaign

A PR agency was creating a campaign for a new entrant to the online used car market and needed to analyze what PR strategies might work best. Their challenge was filtering out the noise created by irrelevant mentions such as car sales, reviews, and mentions not relevant to the client’s need. Factmata’s narrative clustering technology enabled quick identification of relevant insights without hours of manual effort to adjust query logic or scroll through thousands of mentions.

public relations communications

They identified that sports sponsorships and content partnerships were most effective

The most prominent narratives by popularity and engagement were posts like these →

Actionable Insights faster than a human alone

The insights gathered enabled our client to present a more informed and prioritized campaign for the launch into the market and Cirkle PR won the pitch to deliver the campaign.

Mentions Gathered: 27,000

Distinct Narratives Identified: 57

Influencers Identified: 44

Time to analyze and present findings: 3hrs

The knowledge and insight gained were incredibly useful in driving both our strategic and creative approach to the brief. The client fed back that they felt we understood their business and the barriers to communication with clarity, and we know that Factmata was a significant part of this.

Rebecca Holmes, Digital Director, Cirkle PR

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