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Protein powder products

A product innovation consultant needed insight on four different products within the protein powder industry, to help one of their clients. Before coming to us, they had been using a number of social media monitoring vendors to extract raw data from multiple Amazon reviews.

They felt their current solutions looked too broadly at the general sentiment towards these products, and didn’t provide enough insight on which specific aspects were more or less desirable, and why.

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Factmata Narrative Analysis helped to cluster the range of opinions at the theme level

Factmata’s automated Narrative Monitoring API helped our client understand product reviews and content on each protein powder website as well as review websites, out the box. Our system automatically extracted the key product themes expressed about each protein powder, and organised each in a meaningful way.

Most importantly, they were able to compare an unlimited number of products side by side, automatically. Using our platform meant that our client was able to not only understand how much consumers liked or disliked each protein powder, but why.

We provided insights that were actionable, in the fraction of the time it would have taken human analysis.


People were least positive about the energy provided from Garden and Life shakes.

positive stance score
positive stance score

People were very negative towards Ancient Nutrition’s banana flavour compared with competitors

Vega One customers were starting to become positive about its brand, consistency, and ingredients around January 2019.

vega one organic
vega one organic

The most negative aspect of Vega One was its aftertaste and effects on the stomach.

Our dashboard seamless prepared outputs for PDF and excel export, as we enable clients to delete auto-extracted themes not relevant, and even merge ones they felt were similar. Using our stance detection algorithms, we were able to show comparisons of both negative and positive elements of the products - since any given opinion or review can have multiple sub-opinions that express both positivity and negativity.

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