Our Mission

Our Mission

At Factmata, we want to empower people, businesses, and organisations to make better decisions.

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Along with all the fantastic aspects of the web come new problems like bias, misinformation, and offensive content to name a few. It can be confusing and difficult to cut through to the trusted, truthful information. That is why Factmata is such an important part of the future of our web

- Biz Stone, Twitter Co-Founder

How? By giving them the tools they need to understand online content

Our vision is a cleaner, safer, more representative and more diverse internet. But we can only achieve that if more organisations are able to find and fight the kinds of harmful content that are increasingly being produced to make money or de-stabilise our society. So our mission is to make our AI available to everyone who is responsible with the truth and to empower them to monitor and protect their own corner of the internet. The first step in fighting against racism, sexism, disinformation or ‘fake news’ is knowing where it is, who’s creating it, why and how it impacts on your brand or your audience.

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