Narrative Monitoring

Making sense of the mass of mentions

Narrative Monitoring is Social Media Listening combined with traditional Media Monitoring. Our technology can identify and understand the individual opinions being shared online whether that’s a tweet, reddit post, blog article, or news article. Then we cluster similar opinions together to form narratives, enabling you to understand at a glance what is being said online about a topic or a brand across the whole internet.

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We help answer questions like this with the depth of human analysis at the speed and scale of a machine.

We use Natural Language Understanding to extract relevant opinions about any topic using 3 simple steps:


Identify opinions and cluster similar opinions into Narratives


Rank Narratives on multiple dimensions of risk and opportunity


Track narratives from point of origin and over time, visualising ROI

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How does it work?

Factmata Narrative Monitoring contextualises the claims, arguments, and narratives surrounding your chosen topic. Our algorithm analyses and aggregates relevant data from:

Content across major digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

More than 1 million websites, from mainstream news outlets to niche forums.

Police reports, earthquake monitors, dark web, among others.

Even your own data providers or social listening tools.

We then add multiple algorithms that measure the riskiness of narratives: bot detection, threat detection, disinformation flagging, rumor detection and more.

Cluster similar opinions into narratives

There are many ways to express the same idea, and different people might be saying the same thing in different ways and using different figurative language. We combine similar statements into clusters of ideas that grow over time, from the moment of detection.

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Rank narratives on multiple dimensions of risk

In the final step, we are able to analyse and rank narratives in unique ways, according to their linguistic style.


Engagement with a narrative in terms of likes, shares and retweets of its opinions


Likelihood of the narrative containing false or low quality content intended to mislead


Going beyond simple sentiment to understand whether an opinion, and its author, are for or against your brand or topic

Threat score

An early warning of a narrative containing content that could cause brand harm

Track a narrative from its origin and see how it spreads from one channel to another

Each narrative can be investigated to see the underlying opinions and sub-narrative clusters, enabling you to really understand a narrative and how to influence it. Interesting words and key phrases allow you to expand your search parameters on other tools or inform your hashtags.

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See the influencers behind the narrative

Filter and sort influencers by follower count and stance towards the overall brand or topic, helping you identify the authentic influencers to amplify. See who different messages resonate with and identify the source of interesting opinions.

Data Sources

Use Cases

If you're in PR/communications

You can spot negative narratives before they blow up, research what makes narratives spread, and plan a defensive or offensive communications campaign to protect your clients.

If you're a brand

You can find out what people really think of your brand or your products and how those narratives evolve over time.

If you're a news company

You can track propaganda and narratives right as they start to trend, and pick up unique stories and trends to report on.

Whoever you are

Get insight on who’s influencing the important conversations out there.

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