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Often, market research is manual and takes time to compile. Finding trends just when they begin is a hard problem, and it is even harder to analyse the key words, phrases and opinions being expressed within those trends.

Our narrative monitoring solution automatically analyses multiple sources (including product reviews and e-commerce websites) to identify trends from the industry level down to niche product feedback.

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We were commissioned by a major Big 4 consultancy firm to analyse the core trends within the skincare cream market

This study used Twitter and a number of different sources, and was ongoing during June 2020.


We showed a range of types of words and phrases people use when describing their acne issues, and clustered them into sub-categories and buckets.

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We allowed our client to understand the meta-discussions within key trends in the industry.

We were able to find the first positive stance trend towards pomegranate extract within target skincare creams.

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We saw huge growth in interest in night creams, correlating with an increase in interest in activated charcoal at the exact same time.

Use our Narrative Monitoring solution to know what consumers think about your industry, and get superior market insights