We add value to:

Platforms & Content Aggregators

Rank your content according to its risk, credibility and relevance, so you can decide whether to review, delete or promote it. Monitor and be alerted of potential off-platform threats to prevent abuse in advance.

Brands & Advertisers

License our growing blacklist of harmful content and ensure brand safety by avoiding unwanted ad adjacencies by avoiding association with it. Or, monitor your domain whitelists during campaigns to prevent unwanted risks. Don’t fund hate, propaganda or terrorism online.


Discover events and potential stories of interest, and understand current narratives to develop develop stories faster, with your unique storytelling angle.


Categorise your publishing inventory and create custom annotation workflows to tag your content, and create data products from it across different verticals.

PR Agencies

Discover evolving media narratives around key issues. Use our media understanding to shape campaign messaging, measure the impact of your campaigns, and know which issues to focus on.

Hedge Funds

Identify emerging threats to your investments and take informed action quickly.

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