Factmata’s technology is currently being used by:

Supply-Side Platforms

Factmata can screen vast URL inventories in bulk, identifying deceptive content and creating packages of clean URLs that can be sold with complete peace of mind.

Demand-Side Platforms

Factmata can rapidly check packages of URLs in the bidding process, protecting your client’s campaigns and giving you confidence in the product you’re buying.

Aggregators and Publishers

Factmata’s APIs can perform deep analysis on individual URLs, ad hoc or at scale, protecting you from linking to or promoting or gathering news from deceptive content in your site or service.

Large Scale Online Communities

At a time when the political and legal consequences of publishing deceptive content - even accidentally - are growing, we can provide peace of mind. Online communities and community publishers, big or small, can use our APIs to vet their own content, providing protection from rogue users.

We're Different

Other solutions currently fail in that they rely on clumsy domain-level black-lists and white-lists (which are slow to update and easily gamed), or look at keywords only (so don’t account for the context of what is being said on a page), or simply make assumptions about what is said on a page based on the news section it appears on.

Factmata can analyse millions of new URLs daily, digging into individual articles and their actual content on a sentence by sentence level, to assess risk. This maximises the number of places people can safely advertise, while providing the best, granular protection available against deceptive content.

Want to know more?

Email for more details on our solutions and how our technology can fit your use cases [email protected].